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racial profiling

Examples of Racism: Police Behaving Badly

Been a bit of a crazy week in the news if you haven’t noticed, and although both incidents I’m commenting on here were whack (because we needed more examples of racism), you can also find some serious positive aspects in the middle of all of it as well. This first video is off the chain ludicrous, and it practically left me speechless (not easy to do)…

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Ferguson, MO and Rochester, NY — Slain Citizens, Slain Officers

Over the weekend I read a brief article from E.J. Montini at the Arizona Republic, simply asking the questions presented to him by a police officer in regards to a police shooting in Rochester, NY. Here’s a quick summary of the incident referenced: “Police Officer…

Racial Profiling

Racial Profiling on a Police Ride-Along

Racial Profiling — Yes, It Exists. I need to preface this unique post with two very important notes about law enforcement, especially in light of recent events in Staten Island, New York and Ferguson, Missouri. Number one, there may be no more respectable person on…

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