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Category Archives:

Racism in the News

Black Lives Matter

Eric Garner Grand Jury

Above the Law: Ferguson and Eric Garner

Today it’s back to one of my least favorite topics: the police. And I don’t say that out of disrespect, because I always stand by my refrain that a good officer of the law is one of the most honorable people you will ever meet.…

The Ferguson Grand Jury

Two quick things to start this off… First, the End Racism Blog is supposed to be in a brief 2-3 months hiatus while I launch The Walk a Mile Project (focused on truth in media, how appropriate during this time of unprecedented mass media manipulation),…

Examples of Racism: Police Behaving Badly

Been a bit of a crazy week in the news if you haven’t noticed, and although both incidents I’m commenting on here were whack (because we needed more examples of racism), you can also find some serious positive aspects in the middle of all of it as well. This first video is off the chain ludicrous, and it practically left me speechless (not easy to do)…

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Ferguson, MO and Rochester, NY — Slain Citizens, Slain Officers

Over the weekend I read a brief article from E.J. Montini at the Arizona Republic, simply asking the questions presented to him by a police officer in regards to a police shooting in Rochester, NY. Here’s a quick summary of the incident referenced: “Police Officer…

Post Racial America

Post-Racial Society — Grand Opening, Grand Closing

ARE WE LIVING IN A POST-RACIAL AMERICA? Last week, I caught an article published in The Guardian that pretty much requires a post.  Now I’m not a huge news junkie (in stark contrast to PYRITE’s Director of Photography and news-a-holic RJ Blazen by the way),…

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