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Racism in Sports

Black Lives Matter

Colin Kapernick National Anthem Outrage

I know, it’s been very quiet here at the End Racism Blog. Change The World Films has kept me insanely busy over at www.walkamileproject.com, taking up much more than a fair share of my time, but I’m now putting in some hours at nights and on weekends to get back into the racism fighting fray.

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Gary Clark Washington Mascot

My Response to Gary Clark on the Washington Mascot Issue

A Rare Occurrence Last month, The Washington Post published yet another article on the Washington Redskins name change mess, but this one struck a very unusual and unexpected nerve.  The article focused on a response to the issue from Gary Clark, a former Washington wide…

2014 World Cup

Racism In The World Cup

How To Fight Racism in The World Cup I’ll confess flat out here that I’m not a fan of futbol, or soccer if you will. I played it as a child for a couple of years, and certainly enjoyed it, but the sport just never…

San Antonio Spurs

How the NBA Helps Fight Racism

Why The NBA (The Association If You Will) Is A Great Example For All Of Us Warning!  Rapid-fire factoids (ok is that even a word?) coming at you right now with reckless abandon – introductory paragraph be damned! 1.  The NBA Finals broadcast in over…

Washington Redskins name change

U.S. Patent Office Cancels Trademark for Washington Redskins

Is It Finally Time for a Redskins Name Change? Big news out of Washington, and no it’s not even politics-related.  Yesterday, as ThinkProgress reported: The United States Patent and Trademark Office has canceled six federal trademark registrations for the name of the Washington Redskins, ruling…

Donald Sterling Acts Racist

Sterling Silver? Donald Sterling and the NBA

It’s curious how if you pay attention as you’re walking through life, trying to do good work, certain things will pop up that either point you in a different direction, or simply affirm the direction you’re currently headed. Right now I’m in the middle of…

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